Schimmel Library

small_1Founded in 1870, the Schimmel Library is one of the largest collections of books, periodicals and other information on flavors, fragrances, aroma chemicals, botanicals and essential oils ever assembled. Located in Leipzig, Germany, the scientific library houses over 30,000 volumes, and stands as a symbol of the innovations which were discovered here.

Among these books sat scientists, scholars and Nobel Prize chemists dedicated to discovering the mysteries of nature as it relates to essential oils, flavors, fragrances and aroma chemicals.

The knowledge provided from these resources has helped advance the flavor and fragrance industry to new heights. Many of the library’s treasures date back to the early 1700’s. For instance, the Encyclopedia of Botanicals includes all hand-painted illustrations. The library contains all seventeen volumes of this hand-painted botanical series.

In September 1999, it was the meeting place for the 30th International Symposium on Essential Oils with over 350 scientists attending from 30 countries. Bell Flavors & Fragrances is very proud to be the caretaker of this important historical information and hopes that it leads to future innovations.

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