Bell Releases 2017 Spark™ Trends

Bell Flavors & Fragrances is excited to announce selections for our 2017 Spark trends for flavors and fragrances in the U.S. market. Spark is your resource for consumer, flavor and fragrance trends and inspirations. Using our unique process, we uncovered new ideas for 2017 that we hope to provide our customers with inspiration that translate into winning concepts for their products.

This year’s flavor discoveries are all about going deeper into regional and localized food, coupled with upcoming and interesting world flavors to appease curious palates.

Late Night Japan FLAV_SPARK
Brightly lit paper lanterns of urban Japan are shining light on the rise of izakaya and sake cocktails in the U.S. You’ll stay up late for this trend and it’s exotic take on sharables and lively cocktails.
Polynesian: Island Hopping
Live out your flavor fanta-sea in the island nations of Polynesia, home to some of the most deliciously exotic dishes by surf or turf.
Sleep In Brunch Out
Believe us when we say, there is no snooze button for this buttery-waffle-runny-egg-holy-hollandaise-sauce of a kind trend.
The Arab World
The souk markets and medinas of the Arab World have all the ingredients for unexpected flavor balance, with traditional dishes as diverse as the expanse of this ancient corner of the globe.
Test Kitchen
Looking beyond conventional cooking prep and practices in making simple staples decidedly different, fermented notes to be preserved, and sous vide to charred.
United Plates of America
Across the golden waves of grain and from sea to shining sea, we explore the tastes that make America the beautiful… and the delicious.

This year’s fragrance discoveries are all about diverse global inspirations and ageless beauty, with a strong push on multiple gender identities and its influence in the beauty world. Natural blends and sustainable botanicals also take a front seat.

Inherit the EarthFRAG_SPARK
Explore what nature has to offer for the small and beautiful moments of the everyday. Featuring earth-inspired derivations from nature’s ever changing harvest, evoking the beauty of the outdoors.
Urban Adventurer: No Boundaries
Far off destinations are made even more extraordinary when travelers veer off the beaten path. From Cuba to Morocco and off to Patagonia, we explore some of the most diverse sensory destinations on the planet.
Pursuit of Pure
Holistic wellness has extended beyond simply practicing self-care and eating well, into the realm of the environment. Innovations in the wellness market introduce the appearance of natural blends and sustainable botanicals.
Neutral doesn’t have to be boring. We explore the spectrum of gender identities and discover what is in store beyond the norm.
What’s old is new, and what’s new is a fresh take on classics, courtesy of cross-generational influences that extend beyond music into the realm of personal care products and beauty regimens.

Kelli Heinz, Bell Director of Marketing & Industry Affairs, talks about Spark. “We are thrilled to launch our next round of Spark trends to ignite your creativity and inspire your senses for product development. Bell’s trend program has evolved over the years to become a dynamic program that analyzes different data points and generates trend insight for flavor and fragrance predictions and concepts. We are excited to ‘spark’ your interests!”