Bell Flavors & Fragrances Presents Findings of Clean Label Study “Transparency and Nutrition with Clean Label Enthusiasts”

Karen Graves, Sensory Director at Bell Flavors & Fragrances recently presented the findings of a study called Transparency and Nutrition with Clean Label Enthusiasts at the Institute of Food Technologists Chicago Section 2018. The presentation titled “Who are clean label consumers and what are their perceptions on flavor ingredients?” featured the study findings and Graves’ insights.

According to Graves, “The number of consumers who value a clean label is steadily increasing. Since clean label does not have a standardized definition, it is difficult for food & ingredient manufactures to understand consumer expectations. This lack of standardization is confounded by the fact that clean label consumers have varied expectations based on the product category.  Previous research identified indulgent products, including bakery items, as a category where clean label consumers are lenient with ingredient types.  Bell Flavors & Fragrances expanded on this research to understand perception on flavors.

The purpose of the study was to understand clean label consumer perception on flavor ingredients in baked goods.  These results will help Bell Flavors & Fragrances continue to create high quality flavors & fragrances that meet customer and consumer needs.

As Sensory Director at Bell Flavors & Fragrances, Graves studies and integrates consumer understanding with the sensory experience to drive insights.

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