Bell Flavors & Fragrances Hosts 2015 Fragrance Workshop

Bell Flavors & Fragrances hosts a Fragrance Workshop every year to bring together Sales, Perfumery and Marketing teams from all over North America, Mexico and Canada to set-up an environment that allows them to truly think creatively and ultimately bring innovation to Bell’s future projects.

Fragrance Workshop 2015.2Bell’s theme for the two day 2015 Fragrance Workshop showcased “Bell’s Unique Tools and Capabilities” available for our key fragrance customers. For the first day of the workshop, each department head shared the unique strengths of their department and how that can be a valuable asset for Bell’s key accounts.

The day began with Bell’s Perfumery team, with over 100 years of combined Perfumery experience, discussing their strong technical perfumery background and success with difficult bases and extensive knowledge of naturals. The day continued with Bell’s Evaluation Department discussing the new role for Bell and projects will be streamlined for greater success.

Next came the Marketing Department speaking about the importance of marketing services and how this aids in gaining insight in our customers as well as available resources including Bell’s Spark™ trend program. Bell’s Sensory Department followed by describing the strengths and capabilities including sophisticated test designs & data analysis as well as qualified & trained sensory panelists.

Fragrance Workshop 2015.3The afternoon brought presentations from the Botanical Department highlighting the ability to use all parts of a plant from root to flower; followed by the Analytical Department who discussed the equipment used to assist customers in identifying problems and finding solutions related to their product. Other departments that presented included Customer Service and Fragrance Manufacturing who spoke about the importance of customer satisfaction and the tenure of the staff which averages 18+ years.

The next department, Regulatory, discussed the importance of the new Global Harmonization System (GHS) and the strict standards set by IFRA and RIFM that is closely followed by Bell. The day ended with a presentation from the International Department. They highlighted the global presence of Bell and the ability to service customers whether it relates to regulatory, logistics or regional supply.

Norman Appel, Vice President Bell Middletown, has been with Bell for 35 years stated, “I’ve heard it said that the first 35 years in any job is a learning curve and I can vouch for the fact that it’s true. So I’m looking forward to the next half of my career with Bell so I can implement all the things I’ve learned along the way. It’s only going to get better!”