Bell Flavors & Fragrances Highlights Trends and Innovations at Flavorology Event 2016

Bell Flavors and Fragrances hosted its Flavorology event on Friday, May 20 at the Chopping Block located in the Merchandise Mart, Chicago. Flavorology is a gathering of Bell’s R&D, Application Specialists, Industry Chefs and key customers, to educate new technologies and flavor concepts so Bell’s customers can be successful in delivering market leading products.

Flavorology3The evening began with tabletops highlighting Bell’s latest flavor and technology developments which were inspired by Bell’s 2016 Spark™ trend program. Then it continued with the CheFusion™ which brings together industry renowned chefs to create innovative cuisines showcasing Bell flavors in an ‘Iron-chef’ like competition.

Bell’s tabletops consisted of finished products inspired by Spark™, which is comprised of five trends in addition to products featuring Bell’s new technology. The first tabletop was “Seasonally Inspired”. It’s not that veggies are new or trending, it’s how they are being used as the main entrée or unique ways. Products included Strawberry Rhubarb Shrub, Cucumber Jalapeno Margarita, Rosemary Cashew Caramel Corn, Beet and Bleu Cheese Brownie and Paprika Roasted Root Vegetables with Chorizo Aioli.

The second trend featured products from Spark’s™ “Well-Traveled Kitchen – Cuba” trend. Over the years, the flavors and tastes of Cuba have made their way across the ocean despite political barriers and with the recent improved diplomatic relations between the two countries, Cuban flavors are about to become an American obsession. This tabletop featured Yerba Mate Soda, Cigar Flavored Whiskey, Guava Donuts and a Ropa Vieja Bowl.

The third Spark™ trend highlighted was “Well Traveled Kitchen – India”. With a culinary world ranging from savory to sour and spicy to sweet, the unique, contrasting tastes of India can create new comfort foods for consumers that have a cravings for international flavors. Products included Coconut Curry Beer, Mango Lassi Smoothie, Gulab Jamun, Chai Kulfi and Pani Puri.

The fourth trend, “Americana”, pays homage to the red, white and new. It celebrates flavors that scream nostalgic and regional with modern twists to please generations to come. Products included Grape Ginger Ale, Apple Pie Cider Soda, Blueberry Thyme Galette and Texas Brisket Pizza.

The fifth and final trend, “Global Street Food”, digs deeper into flavors from around the world and offers insights into the authentic flavors lining city streets of Marrokech, Mexico City, Montreal, Ho Chi Minh City and Berlin. The tabletop featured Berliner Weisse Beer, Currywurst, Chicken Fried Shawarma Biscuit and a Vietnamese Sundae.

Flavorology2New technologies were presented including bitterness masking agents, sodium and sugar reduction in addition to new organic compliant flavors like Black Truffle which were all featured in a Hot Dog Bar.

“Bell’s trend program has evolved over the years to become a dynamic program that analyzes different data points and generates trend insight for flavor and fragrance predictions and concepts. We were excited to ‘spark’ our customers’ interests at this year’s Flavorology event with our latest R&D concepts and innovations supporting Bell’s 2016 Spark™ trends.” Kelli Heinz, Director of Marketing & Industry Affairs.

The highlight of the evening came when the CheFusion™ event began. This was an “Iron Chef” type competition in which four teams created state-of-the-art dishes featuring an innovative use of Bell’s flavors. The results were as follows:

1st Place

Team Newlyweds Foods: Chef Eric Stein and Chef John Bloch showcased braised short ribs along with a radish-carrot salad finished off with a huckleberry ice cream and satsuma caramel sauce.

2nd Place

Team MiDAS Foods: Chef Jerry McDonald, Jessica Wainwright, Jill May and Lynn Madsen featured raw truffle sesame tuna salad, Korean BBQ shrimp and grits and lemon and mandarin orange lemonade finished off with a curried apple pie with crema cheesecake.

Flavorology13rd Place

Team Lifespice: Jean Heimann and Chris Rodriques showcased seared wagyu nigari, molho de campanha gunkan maki and tuna oshizushi with a refreshing cachaça sake shooter to finish.

4th Place

Team Griffith Foods: Chef Joe Kuechenmeister, Chef Subra Balakrishnan, Dennis Girik and Ricardo Troche featured grilled ramp gazpacho with keekytoe crab, gochujang pork belly lettuce wraps, duck confit beignets finished with a vodka cocktail.