Bell Flavors & Fragrances Exhibits at the 2015 IFT National Expo

Bell Flavors and Fragrances exhibited at the Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting & Food Expo on July 12 through July 14, 2015 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. IFT hosts over 1,000 companies for a three day convention where food professionals are able to network and showcase the newest products and trends seen in the market today.

A common trend seen at IFT was flavors inspired by Asian cuisine. Bell’s entire booth was inspired by the flavors of Southeast Asia and introduced concepts supported by their new trend program; Spark. Bell served three different sweet desserts in addition to a savory Asian inspired sandwich and three different beverages.

Lychee Cupcake Postcard ImageOn Sunday July 12th, Bell showcased their Lychee flavor in a form of a cupcake. This Korean inspired cupcake flavored with Bell’s Lychee Flavor and topped with fresh lychee had a sweet tropical flavor with juicy and citrusy notes reminiscent of a grapefruit. This little cupcake is a perfect summer treat.

Sweet Potato Cupcake Postcard ImageOn Monday, July 13th,Bell featured their Sweet Potato flavor in a sweet potato cupcake. In Japan, sweet potatoes are roasted over hot rocks and drizzled in a sweet honey icing. Bell was inspired by this Japanese street food and developed a sweet potato cupcake topped with a vanilla drizzle and chopped pistachios. This cupcake combines the Asian flavor trend in addition to the combination of sweet and savory flavors, another popular trend seen at IFT. The use of the cupcake made the sweet potato flavor more inviting as many people were weary of the flavor combination.

Hotteok Postcard ImageOn Tuesday, July 14th, Bell featured a Korean street pastry known as a Hotteok made with Bell’s Red Bean Flavor. A hotteok is a pancake-like pastry filled with a gooey cinnamon sugar filling with a sweet and nutty taste however; Bell’s hotteok was filled with a red bean paste enhanced by Bell’s Red Bean Flavor which according to a guest from Korea was very authentic! Red bean paste is made from adzuki beans boiled and mashed with a sweetener and is commonly used in mooncakes, pastries and as an ice cream flavor. The guests who visited the booth often believed the dessert would be savory due to the red bean flavor but were pleasantly surprised by the sweet taste once they took a bite.

Bo Kho Bao Postcard ImageThroughout the entire three days of IFT, Bell served an Asian style sandwich called Bo Kho Bao flavored with Bell’s Bo Kho Spice flavor. Bo Kho is a Vietnamese stew made with braised beef served on fluffy steamed buns known as Bao and topped with a Thai basil and lime slaw.  Bell’s Bo Kho Flavor included warm brown spices with a touch of fish sauce. These delicious little snacks were quite the hit of the show with a continuous line wrapped around the booth for hours at a time.

Check out the video of Bell’s Executive Chef, Chris Warsow, preparing the Bo Kho Bao for IFT.

White Peach and Chai Cardamom Tea Postcard ImageIn addition to the myriad of desserts, Bell showcased three different beverages. Bell offered a White Peach Tea, Chai Cardamom Tea and a Devil’s Morning Breath Bloody Mary. The ready-Bloody Mary Postcard Imageto-drink teas were refreshing with the White Peach Tea having a sweet and fruity flavor flavored with Bell’s White Peach Flavor while the Chai Cardamom flavored by Bell’s Chai and Bell’s Tea Flavor had a more complex taste with hints of ginger, clove and cinnamon. Bell’s Devil’s Morning Breath Bloody Mary had a traditional Bloody Mary taste with a slight cinnamon flavor to add depth and a twist to this traditional morning drink. Flavored with Bell’s Bloody Mary Type Flavor and Bell’s Cinnamon Flavor this drink had just enough cinnamon flavor to wake you up and entice the senses.

Overall, Bell had a very successful IFT and is looking forward to IFT’s 2016 expo that will be held July 16 – 19 in Chicago, IL.