Bell Flavors & Fragrances Announces Madewell Fragrances

Bell Flavors & Fragrances’ perfumers Steve Orson and Delphine Rupnow have partnered to create two new innovative olfactive signatures for Madewell. Crafted with natural essences and essential oils from around the world, these fragrances truly define the brand’s young, energetic and inspiring spirit.

Creator Steve Orson is a Senior Perfumer with Bell and a past President and Chairman of the prestigious American Society of Perfumers. Steve is on the exhausting pursuit of information and inspiration as he dives into books, music and culture; he is a performing musician and a creative expert with natural fragrance raw materials. This unique blending of skill, curiosity and energy led to the development of this simple, yet complex fragrance.

Crafted with natural essences and oils from around the world, Madewell’s first-ever fragrance line was designed for every day and every vibe – switched out depending on your mood du jour.

Beau pairs palo santo wood with coconut, white flowers, leather and cedar—take a deep breath, it’s just this hypnotic unisex blend doing its thing and feels like “the magic hour, always.”

Delphine Rupnow was born in France and spent her early childhood near the famous Alps, where the abundance of natural herbs, wild berries, woods and flowers shaped her formative years. This early exposure to nature’s herb garden ignited her olfactive curiosity and her passion for scents grew as she went on to earn two Master’s Degrees: the first in organic chemistry at the University of Versailles and another in flavors and fragrances at the University of Montpellier. Delphine has worked as a perfumer around the globe in Singapore, Europe and the United States and has projected her high energy and global aroma curiosity to develop this magical creation.

Inspired by lazy afternoons in the sun, unisex Sedona combines citrus-y neroli, bergamot and orange blossom with French lavender, orris and honey and feels like “Instant. Endless. Summer… Ahhhmazing.”

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